Joshua Bates Centre Performing Arts Committee

2022 – 2023

Chair: Mary Rae Knapp

Recording Secretary: Laura Deeves

Treasurer: Alma Vanderlinden

Ads and Marketing: Audrey Botsford, Sally Flood, Alma Vanderlinden

Tickets:  Diane Burton 613 924 1947  (see also Tickets)

Artists Negotiations: Mary Rae Knapp

Artist Contract Review and Ratification: Pat Johnson

Hospitality: Bonnie and Blaine Tackaberry

Coming Events: Brenda Flood

School Liaison: Pat Johnson

ADHS Bursary: Alma Vanderlinden

House and Technical: Gary Holder, Pat Johnson, Blaine Tackaberry

50-50 Ticket Draw: Peggy Winters  Bonnie Tackaberry

Ticket Taker:   Diane Burton

Canteen: Ingrid Conley, Sally Flood, and Karen Moriarty

Social Media: Hendrik Pape

Volunteers’ Orientation: Mary Rae Knapp

Posters and Press Releases: Elaine Jozefowicz

Township of Athens Liaison: Councillor Darin Alguire, Anne Marie Dancy

Members at Large:  Irene Latimer, Al Sharpe, Sarah Smith

Chamber of Commerce 2009 Organization of the Year
Award we won
In memory of the band members
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